Save Dumbo

Dumbo is reportedly the last of the LaGuardia Airport coyotes not murdered by airport management. Now, LaGuardia staff have rallied to save this poor creature who frequently occupies parking lots and scares people who don’t know better than not to be scared of a coyote.

Spectrum News, which reported on the supposedly lone coyote, naively reports that coyotes in urban areas are rare.

The truth is that coyotes that people actually see are rare. Coyotes are all over urban areas, sneaking a bite of dog food here and killing a mouse over there. Coyote researchers can point an infrared camera down just about an suburban street and show you a coyote near a dumpster.

Eastern coyotes, also known as coywolves,  have freshened their stock by breeding with wolves and dogs. These reinvented coyotes are consummate hiders and furtive hunters.

To return to LaGuardia’s Dumbo, there’s a chance he is part wolf and a really good chance that he’s part dog. His inappropriate (inappropriate because it could get him killed) insouciance around people is likely the product of dog DNA.

LaGuardia staff mean well when they attempt to protect him from the dog catcher. But the truth is that an airport does not make a good home for coyotes. And Dumbo belongs to a highly social species. He’s likely to get really, really lonely. He needs to be relocated.

The LaGuardia staff who are trying to save Dumbo don’t trust airport management not to kill him. The solution is clear: A third party animal rescue needs to be brought in to relocate Dumbo to an animal sanctuary.

UPDATE: PETA has not responded to the Animal Rights Channel request to relocate Dumbo, so we are now asking people to sign this petition: