Dogs can do a lot more than roll in the grass, so don’t use pesticides

We all know that dogs can do things humans can’t. Like track down murderers from a single whiff of their shirt. And, if you watch cop shows, you probably know that dogs can detect drug shipments and guns.

If you rely on one or more dogs to keep your home safe while you’re away, you’re smart. Dogs are still the best security system. Most burglars are simply looking for an easy target, and that big barking dog with her paws on the door just made your house not worth it.

You might know that dogs can be trained to predict seizures in epileptic children and adults, saving lives. But did you know that dogs can be trained to detect bedbugs?

Sadly enough, dogs can predict when an industrial environment is toxic to humans. When dogs start getting lymphoma, there’s a chance to save the humans in the same neighborhood. You see, dogs will develop cancer in response to toxins much more quickly than we will.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend in many ways. But if you have a dog, you have a responsibility to maintain an organic lawn. The chemicals in lawn pesticides have been linked to cancer in dogs and possibly humans.

Today’s action calls for dog owners to go organic on their own property and talk with your dog-owning neighbors about the dangers of lawn chemicals.

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