Satterfield: Hoarder or victim of animal dumping?

Marjorie Satterfield has been arrested on hundreds of counts of animal cruelty. But many questions remain unanswered by the extensive media coverage she has gotten.

The most important unanswered questions is: Was she a hoarder or did people dump their unwanted animals on her without a glance back?

I see from comments on news stories that one man had direct experience with Satterfield. He left his dog with her for four months and got the dog back in allegedly bad shape. The dog was left there to be trained for seizure alerts.

I have questions about this, especially “You really didn’t think to visit your dog in four months?” Most pet owners I know would demand pictures at least every week and reports on how the animal was responding to training.

So far, headlines seem to accuse Satterfield of “hoarding” or cruelty in the practice of animal training. You can’t have it both ways. Either she was a hoarder OR she was an irresponsible animal trainer OR too many people left their animals in her care and didn’t check up on them or even come back to get them.

Which was it? I call on the local and national media to do a better job in their coverage.

2 thoughts on “Satterfield: Hoarder or victim of animal dumping?

  1. So you realy honestly think for sure that that womans house was a dropping off place and that the owners should have checked on their pets more often.


    • Thank you for commenting, Regina. Yes, I do think that owners should have checked on their pets, and I was kind of horrified by the low percentage of animals that were, ultimately, returned to their owners. If there was no dumping, should not 100 percent of animals have been returned to their owners? At the same time, I apologize if I struck a nerve here. I definitely did not mean to say that none of the owners were acting responsibly. I’m sure some of them were very good pet owners, and I’m happy for them that they got their pets out of a bad situation.


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