Are you ready for a husky? Take this quiz

We don’t need another scientific study to tell us why huskies are so popular. They’re beautiful dogs. 

Really beautiful.


Distractingly beautiful. What was I talking about? Damn it!

So let’s all quit blaming Game of ThronesBalto, and Jack London for all the huskies that are purchased with high hopes, then abandoned in despair because huskies are a lot more and a lot less than what some people can handle.

Huskies are a specific challenge because of their breeding, strength, high energy, high intelligence, and independent personalities.

Is a husky the right dog for you and your family? Take this quiz to find out. Or skip directly to the answer key.

Does your family have ten hours a week to walk a dog?



To which of the following do you have daily access? Circle all that apply.

A fenced in yard of a half acre or more.

Access to a dog park.

Access to a dog day care facility where dogs play at least eight hours a day.

None of the above.

How many hours a day will your dog be completely alone, i.e. without companionship of other dogs, cats, or humans?

No more than three hours a day.

Three to eight hours a day.

More than eight hours a day.

Define “positivity training.”

Reward positive behavior.

Reward positive behavior and administer physical punishment for negative behavior.

Reward only really good behavior with treats, then ignore bad behavior.

Do you fundamentally believe that dogs don’t need to take obedience classes?



If you have children, did you ever discipline them by hitting, spanking, or shouting?



Do you believe that dogs learn from being slapped or kicked or yelled at?



When your dog steals half a bagel, dressed with cream cheese, from your plate, what is the appropriate response?

Yelling “no!” in a loud, firm voice.

Screaming and then rubbing the dog’s face in the cream cheese.

Beating the dog for ten seconds or less.

Taking responsibility for putting your dog in a position to do something that displeases you and letting him finish his bagel in peace

Are you or is at least one member of your family physically able to walk a mile in fifteen minutes or less?



How big do huskies get?

40-70 pounds

60-80 pounds.

25-45 pounds.

What is the best harness for walking a husky? Circle all that apply.

A weighted back pack.

A sled harness.

A shock harness.

This is a trick question. You shouldn’t harness a husky because it activates her pulling instinct.

Do you need a lot of physical affection from your dog?



Do you need a lot of eye contact and emotional support from your dog?



When training a dog, what is the reward that most reinforces good behavior?

Dry, odorless dog treats.

Stinky, moist dog treats.

Scratching behind a dog’s ears.

Praising the dog lavishly with a loving tone of voice.

Rewards will have to be rotated and re-evaluated on a daily basis because your husky will tire of any reward that’s too consistently administered.

You believe your relationship to your husky will be most like:

A master, servant relationship.

An alpha dog, beta dog relationship.

A friendship.

A collaboration.

Do you enjoy gardening and raising flowers, fruits, or vegetables in your front or back yards?



When your husky kills a baby bird, the appropriate response is to:

Beat the dog because he knows better.

Scold the dog so that he never does that again.

Identify where in your yard birds are nesting and then, during the winter months, trim tree branches and block cavities to prevent birds from nesting in your yard.

With the patience of Gandhi, accept that huskies have a strong prey drive and that there will be a few casualties.

As you are taking off your shoes, your husky grabs one, runs across the house, and has chewed a hole in it before you catch up with her. The appropriate response is

Nothing. Your opportunity to make this a learning moment expired the moment she got her teeth around your shoe. You will now buy only cheap shoes.

Scream “NO” at your dog and then get the shoe away from her by screaming and pulling.

Hit your dog until she gives up the shoe, then hit her with the shoe for at least five seconds.

You come home to find that your husky has chewed the corner off your favorite chair. The appropriate response is to:

Remind yourself that you signed up for chewed furniture when you got a husky and take your dog for a lovely long walk.

Drag your dog by the collar to the chewed chair. Scream and point at the damage.

Hit your dog at least three times while yelling, “chair, chair, chair!”

Your husky pees the floor when you come home from a long day at work. The appropriate response is to:

Rub your dog’s nose in the pee.  

Yell “NO PEE.”

Recognize that your dog was excited when you got home. She peed in her excitement. Resolve that, in future, you will immediately go outside with your dog when you get home to help her with house training.

Go here to see the correct answers!

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